Stories from Panchatantra

Panchatantra Book I : Mitra-Bheda : The Loss of Friends

The Wedge Pulling Monkey

The Jackal and the War Drum

The Rise and Fall of Merchant Dantila

The Sage & The Thief

The Jackal at the Ram-Fight

How the Crow-Hen Killed the Cobra

The Heron That Liked Crab-Meat

The Rabbit & The Foolish Lion

The Weaver Who Loved a Princess

The Ungrateful Man

The Flea and the Bedbug

The Blue Jackal

Swan and the Owl

The Trusting Camel

The Lion and The Carpenter

The Plover Who Fought the Ocean

The Turtle and Geese

The Three Fishes

The Duel between Elephant and Sparrow

The Shrewd Old Goose

The Lion and the Ram

The Lion and The Jackal

The Unteachable Monkey

The Two Friends

The Foolish Heron and The Mongoose

The Mice that ate Iron

The Sensible Enemy

The Foolish Friend


Panchatantra Book II : Mitra-Lābha : The Gaining of Friends

The Bharunda Birds

The Hermit and the Mouse

Mother Shandilee’s Bargain

The Greedy Jackal

Mister Duly

The Unlucky Weaver

The Mice that set Elephants Free

The Prince and the Deer


Panchatantra Book III : Kākolūkīyam : War and Peace

How the Birds Picked a King

Elephants and Rabbits

The Cunning Mediator

The Brahman and the Crooks

The Snake and the Ants

The Brahman and the Snake

The Unsocial Swans

The Dove and the Hunter

The Old Man

The Brahman

The Tale of Two Snakes

The Gullible Carpenter

The Wedding of the Mouse

The Bird with the Golden Droppings

The Cave that Talked

The Frogs that Rode a Snake

The Butter


Panchatantra Book IV : Labdhapraṇāśam : Loss Of Gains

The Greedy Snake and the Frog King

The Foolish Lion and the Donkey

The Potter Militant

The Jackal who Killed no Elephants

The Ungrateful Wife

The King and his Prime Minister

The Donkey and the Washerman

The Farmer

The Pert Hen

The Smart Jackal

The Dog who went Abroad


Panchatantra Book V : Aparīkṣitakārakaṃ : Rash Deeds

The Loyal Mongoose

The Four Treasure Seekers

The Lion

Four Learned Fools

Tale of Two Fishes and a Frog

The Musical Donkey

Story of the Weaver

The Brahman

The Unforgiving Monkey

The Princess and the Credulous Fiend

The Three

The Fiend who washed his Feet