The Lion and the Ram

In a part of a forest was a ram, separated from his flock. In the armour of his great fleece and horns, he roamed the woods fearlessly.

One day a lion in that forest encountered him. At this unprecedented sight, since the wool so bristled in every direction as to conceal the body, the lion felt fearful of this animal unknown in that forest. “Surely, he is more powerful than I am,” thought he. “That is why he wanders here so fearlessly.” And the lion edged away.

But on a later day the lion saw the same ram cropping grass on the forest floor, and he thought: “What! The fellow nibbles grass! His strength must be in relation to his diet.” So he made a quick spring and killed the ram.

The Jackal at the Ram-Fight

Deva Sharma was resting carefree as his disciple’s virtuous conduct over the past few months had created a false trust in him. As he rested, he saw a herd of rams, and two of them were fighting ferociously. These two would angrily draw apart and dash together, their slab like foreheads crashing so that blood flowed freely. The smell of blood drew a jackal there to feast on the blood the two rams were shedding.

Deva Sharma saw the jackal entering the scene and thought that the jackal would surely die if he gets caught between the two warring rams. His surmise came true and the jackal died, gored by the two rams.